Happy Music in Our Schools Month!
Besides singing songs about valentines and President Lincoln, classes are now starting to learn some St. Patrick's Day songs as well.  As the specials' rotation has changed, it is great to see some classes I have not had in awhile. 
We just keep singing, moving, and playing along!  Some third graders have learned a song with a countermelody.  Classes have also begun learning some valentine songs.
Ditto from last week!  Everyone is participating and really sounding awesome when singing and playing!  It has been another marvelous musical week!
Is Orffing a word?  All classes (K-4) have been really Orffing it up and having a blast! For example, the third/fourth graders worked on layering 4 different parts as an accompaniment to a song they have learned ( glockenspiel, alto xylophone, woodblock, bass xylophone).  All classes are discovering how complex and fun it is to stay together with 9-12 students playing at the same time! The choir is really sounding fantastic!
Most eighth graders are now learning the notes on 2 strings of the guitar or have moved on to playing chords.  It has truly been a productive week!   
We are starting off the new year learning new songs and learning new skills!  The ECE students are learning new action and counting songs.  All grade levels (K-4) are learning songs that have Orff accompaniments.  The sixth grade choir is working diligently on singing two-part harmony.  The eighth graders are reading music as they play guitars.

What a wonderful last two weeks!  It was so festive having so many visitors.   There were over 220 parents, grandparents, other relatives, and siblings who came in to watch, sing a few songs, and eat cookies.   Thank you for supporting our music program!
It has been an amazing week! Everyone is enjoying singing seasonal songs! Fyi. . . nothing puts a smile on a face faster than watching the ECE, kindie, and first grade little ones sing "Jingle Bells" while skipping around the room.  The second graders, third/fourth graders, and sixth grade choir are belting out their selections.  The students here are sooo awesome!
The kindies, first graders, and second graders are beginning to learn the songs for a musical that will be a collaboration between drama and music classes.  They are doing a marvelous job!  Once again, we have been singing, singing, and singing!
What a great week of singing!  The sixth grade choir sang confidently as they continued to work on "Lean On Me."  The fifth graders learned and sang successfully "Winter Fantasy"--a partner song combined with "Jingle Bells" to create harmony.  Many third and fourth graders volunteered to sing solos; second graders added rhythm instruments to accompany their singing; and first graders and kindergarteners learned new winter songs.