Students are really getting into the swing of things!  We are singing, singing, and singing.  The little ones are moving to the music and having a blast accompanying themselves with rhythm sticks. 
Music students (who are continuing into the second set of six-week blocks) are learning Orff accompaniments to songs they sing well.  The PTA is buying a set for Bill Roberts; when they arrive, everyone will get the opportunity to perform and sing!  Thank you PTA!
The sixth grade sings a rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" that is truly goose-bump worthy.
Check out the beautiful voices of two second grade classes singing "You are My Sunshine" on the**Musical Showcase** page.  (Jackson and Umberger)
I continue to be impressed as I meet new students at Bill Roberts!
The students at Bill Roberts were treated to a special performance by the Denver School of the Arts middle school orchestra.  The music was amazing; so was the audience! They were such receptive listeners!

As one of the electives for sixth grade, we have formed a choir here at Bill Roberts!  This small and mighty group of singers is truly impressive!  The choir will meet two times a week and will be performance-oriented.

Time sure flies by when you are having fun!  Some classes added rhythm instrument accompaniments to the songs they were singing!  Some classes even had students volunteer to be soloists!  I will miss the classes that will not be continuing with me next week and hope that they will have a wonderful time in their next few weeks experiencing a different special.  I am looking forward to meeting more fantastic music students! :)