The kindies, first graders, and second graders are beginning to learn the songs for a musical that will be a collaboration between drama and music classes.  They are doing a marvelous job!  Once again, we have been singing, singing, and singing!
What a great week of singing!  The sixth grade choir sang confidently as they continued to work on "Lean On Me."  The fifth graders learned and sang successfully "Winter Fantasy"--a partner song combined with "Jingle Bells" to create harmony.  Many third and fourth graders volunteered to sing solos; second graders added rhythm instruments to accompany their singing; and first graders and kindergarteners learned new winter songs. 
The Orff instruments arrived! I am hoping that I can get them all set up and ready to be played on Thursday of next week.
The sixth grade choir is learning "Lean on Me" and they sound fantastic!
The kindergarteners and first graders match high-low pitches very well; second graders, third/fourth graders, and fifth graders continue to impress me with their musicality.
This is such a fun time of year!  There are so many songs relating to the holidays and seasons! We are starting to learn how to sing some of them in class, as well as continuing to learn accompaniments and perform action songs on the beat/and or on the rhythm patterns.